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Aircargo Packers Movers  Cargo Packers with its offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai offers a complete range of distribution service. We have expertise in providing solution in household goods warehousing relocation services india, order processing, logistics goods management and inventory management. We are primarily engaged in the storage of household goods relocation services india and offer secure storage and warehousing services and facilities at strategic locations throughout the country. We are dealing in almost all the household goods like furniture, crockery, TV sets and computers among others.

Warehousing Goods Relocation Services India
We have large spacious store houses dedicated to inventory management and warehousing of various household goods. Our warehouses equipped with standard racking are clean, well-marked with better protection arrangement of client’s critical inventory. The warehouses across the country have motion sensing and surveillance cameras for security reasons. All the incoming materials to the warehouse are stored appropriately after stringent inspections and quality checks.

Infrastructure Relocation Services India
Our professionals work 24 hours a day and seven days a week and are capable of handling a wide variety of products. Our offices are equipped with latest information technology and gadgets. We have also employed security personnel throughout the warehouse and loading dock areas.
Benefits of becoming our clients

1) Transportation of delicate, fragile, high valued and sophisticated goods with extreme care
2) Extensive network with excellent infrastructure
3) Competitive rates
4) Warehousing facilities across the country
5) Advanced communication technology to monitor movements of consignments
6) Trained manpower with specialized crew to meet critical delivery deadlines
7) Break-bulk and delivery facilities to C & F agents, distributors, wholesalers and retailers
8) Substantial own fleet, supported by mobile cranes and fork lifts
9) Speedy processing of documents


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